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Die, A.I (2022)

You must stay alive in this horror/puzzle space adventure. Survive the vengeful A.I system that has taken over the ship and killed everyone else onboard. Use your limited oxygen supply and cunning to overcome the failing systems and A.I created booby traps. Explore the ship...and don't die.

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Who Stole My Beard (2021)

Welcome to Beardsville - an RPG town where beards are required by law and yours has been stolen. Find the perpetrator with your sardonic dog companion. More beards than any other RPG.

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Football: The Manager (2019)

Manage your team as a fair (or ruthless) football manager and swipe your fingers either left or right to impose your will upon the team. Navigate the stream of problems and demands from the people around you - coaches, players, the press, the board of directors, your family and more.

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